Any Questions?

What is the weight limit for Barks & Blowouts?

Barks & Blowouts offer grooming services for dogs up to 125 pounds, but our daycare is only big enough for pups 30 pounds or less!

Why don't you offer teeth brushing?

We believe that we should only be offering and charging for services that actually benefit you and your pet, and just like with humans, brushing a dog's teeth once every month does not do them much good!

What vaccination records do I need?

We only require an up to date rabies vaccine (after 16 weeks of age) for our grooming services, but for daycare we require rabies, distemper, as well as bordetella (kennel cough). We do require paper proof of these vaccines before we can provide any services.

How old can my puppy be to start?

For grooming we recommend they start as early as you can get them in! This helps set up a routine and table training for your puppy as to make the grooming process as relaxing as possible! 

For daycare, on the other hand, because it is more interactive with other pups, we do require them to be fully vaccinated which is usually around 4 months old!



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